About Me

Michael Swensen is a recent graduate of Ohio University studying photojournalism, Spanish and Philosophy. His interests are in long-form documentary story telling and attempting to accurately tell peoples’ stories through his photographs. Michael grew up in a small town in the AK Valley, Oakmont, Pennsylvania. He was brought up with a camera in his hands, due to his father being a visual journalist as well, with frequent quotes like “it is a terrible way to make a living, but a beautiful way to live”. His father also likes to tell people that he had wished Michael had become a doctor instead, but is secretly excited that his son is taking on this difficult journey. Michael is at his happiest when he finds things like, “good light”, an interesting face, or while he is surrounded by his friends and family. His hobbies include, tennis, water skiing, and listening to a wide variety of music while driving around looking for pictures. Michael enjoys “what if…” scenarios and anyone that can make him laugh. Michael prides himself in idea that patience is a virtue and that showing up is 90% of the battle.

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